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Don’t Let Snacking Keep You From A Healthy Diet


In today’s culture, people expect to have three meals every day.  These meals might be big or small, but you always stop whatever else you’re doing that day to sit down and eat.  However, sometimes our stomachs are ready for food when it’s not time for a meal, and that’s when we eat snacks.


There’s nothing wrong with eating snacks, especially since studies show that eating small amounts throughout the day is a healthier habit than waiting to eat a few big meals.  However, snacks come with their own calorie counts, and they can quickly start to add up if you don’t carefully keep track of your food intake each day.  So when you decide to eat a snack, be very careful about what and how much you eat.


Avoid Eating From Open Containers


When you open a big bag of chips and set it on the couch or the table next to you, it’s very easy to reach in and grab another chip.  Each one tastes great, so what’s wrong with experiencing that great taste again?  The problem is the amount of calories you’ll have eaten by the time you reach the bottom of the bag.  Instead of tempting yourself like that, keep your snack bags in your kitchen and measure out one serving each time you get a snack.  That can keep you from accidentally overeating.


Find Healthy Options


A lot of snack foods are empty calories, which means they give you fats, carbs, and proteins but none of the other important nutrients like vitamins and minerals.  However, you can find plenty of snack-friendly options that can deliver these nutrients even as they silence your stomach.  Nuts and seeds are great as snacks, and trail mixes can offer interesting blends of textures, flavors, and nutrients.  Fruits are also great for snacks thanks to the high vitamin amounts that most of them offer, especially if you have a sweet tooth.


Limit Your Portions


Remember that a snack is between-meal food, not a fourth or fifth meal of its own.  Pay attention to the calorie counts of the snacks you choose and avoid having more than around 100 calories per snack.  That’s about what you get from a single apple, pear, or peach, and many companies now offer pre-measured snack packets with about 100 calories in each.  Have one snack between meals and then try to avoid eating anything more until it’s time for your next meal.


Snacking is important, because it’s an opportunity to get a few more nutrients each day and it can silence your stomach so that you can avoid the temptation of an oversized meal later on.  However, it’s important to know how to eat snacks that will help you out and not fill your stomach with so many empty calories that you won’t even want to eat a healthy meal.  So eat right and choose wisely, and if you live near a Lazy Daisy restaurant you can eat our healthy food whether you want a full meal or a quick bite.

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