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From Chihuahua to Beverley Hills – The Epic Journey of Burritos!

Breakfast Burrito

Hot, juicy, and spicy… the sizzling taste of freshly rolled burritos feels absolutely heavenly on your tongue. But have you ever wondered where this munchy little delight, wrapped in soft, chewy tortillas, came from?

If yes, then today we will take you on a trip down the memory lane and transport you into the early 1900s, because that’s when our friend Burrito made his epic journey from the old and dusty streets of Chihuahua to the high-end shopping paradise and the resident town of the rich and famous, the one and only… Beverly Hills!

The Humble Beginning of the Burrito

During the Mexican Revolution in 1910, a street vendor by the name of Juan Mendez started selling burritos to city folk. Every day, Juan would travel for miles from his hometown in the Sonora state to the northwestern city of Ciudad Juárez, in the state of Chihuahua. He would carry his home-made street food with him on his donkey (burro) to sell food to the city folk. To keep his food warm and fresh, he would wrap it in tortilla wraps.

But one day, as one of the customers was served the unwrapped minced meat rice by mistake, Juan realized what he had invented by accident! The customer loved the taste of what later came to be known as burritos and spread the word around town that a man on donkey back was selling delicious burritos on the streets of Juarez.

The rising popularity of burritos soon caught up with the Americans, and it became a staple food for the working class thanks to its portability.

Burrito Travels to America

From the small town of Juarez in Mexico, our Burrito friend traveled all the way to America in the 1930s, along with early Mexican immigrants. As a food known for its portability, travelers from Mexico packed their burritos and took off to America in search of employment.

It is said that the burrito was first served in a restaurant in the Mission District of San Francisco. The staff of El Faro would prepare double-sized burritos for firefighters who didn’t have time to sit down and eat a full meal. They were given burritos as an easy takeaway meal which they could savor on their way to work. Soon after, the rest of the food chains and diners caught up with the trend, and it was realized that anyone could have a burrito, anywhere!

Welcoming Burrito to the Beverly Hills

At Beverly Hills, Mr. Burrito was welcomed with open arms when he first arrived on the Wilshire Boulevard in 2007. Since then, Mr. Burrito has been a favorite at Lazy Daisy.

In the early hours of the morning, Mr. Burrito wraps himself around some munchylicious scrambled eggs, avocado, jack & cheddar cheese, hash browns &pico de gallo, and greets customers with his usual Breakfast Burrito enthusiasm.

Seeing his cheerful smile in the morning brightens up a customer’s day, and they keep coming back for more!

Breakfast Burrito at Lazy Daisy

Here, at Lazy Daisy, we serve our chef special breakfast burritos only for $10 per piece. The freshly cooked Scrambled eggs, avocado, jack & cheddar cheese, hash browns & pico de gallo are wrapped in an organic flour tortilla. Customers have the choice to customize their order by substituting meat with vegan meat, and flour tortilla wraps with wheat tortilla wraps, only for an additional charge of $3.

During this difficult time, our service is available for home deliveries, takeaway, and outdoor dining.

If you want burritos at your wedding, we can do that too because we cater burritos for all kinds of special events. So, pick up your phone and give us a call at 424-284-3387 or place an online order on our website.

At Lazy Daisy, Mr. Burrito is always ready to welcome you!


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