Carbs. Good or Bad?

Don’t Fall Into The Carbohydrate Trap


For a long time, the conventional wisdom has been that a healthy diet should avoid fats and make up the difference with carbohydrates and protein.  After all, if you don’t want to gain fat then it won’t help to eat it, especially not saturated fat that often comes paired with bad cholesterol.  Fat is calorie-dense, too, so you don’t have to eat much of it before it starts to add up.  However, eating too many carbohydrates can lead to just as much weight gain.


The Conversion Trick


Carbohydrates are an essential part of your daily diet.  Unlike protein or fat, your body can convert carbs directly into the energy your cells need to keep going, so eating a healthy amount of carbs will keep you energetic and help you avoid hunger pangs and cravings.  However, eating too many carbs will have a direct impact on your body fat.


You may have heard of insulin because it’s the hormone that diabetic people need to stay alive.  What you might not know is that the purpose of insulin is to reduce your blood sugar level.  And the way it does this is by converting blood sugar, or glucose, into fat molecules.  When you experience a sugar crash, it means insulin is converting carbohydrates into fats so your body can store them for later.  As a result, carb intake can have a direct impact on your weight gain.


Count The Carbs


Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize just how many carbs they eat in a day.  Candy and sweets are obviously full of sugar, but so are rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes.  All of these carb sources add up, especially if you keep snacking throughout the day.  A healthy snack should contain no more than 15 grams of carbs, but the average candy bar contains double or even triple that.  A healthy meal should have no more than 60 to 75 grams of carbs, but you can get around 50 grams from an average serving of French fries.


Moderation Is Key


Eating healthy involves a lot of different factors, but the single most important one is to eat a healthy and moderate amount of food every day.  Starving isn’t good for your health, and neither is eating healthy but also eating all the snacks you want.  Instead, you should practice good eating habits like filling more of your plate with low-carb vegetables like carrots and greens, never going back for seconds, and eating more nutritious snacks like fruit or nuts.


Something else you should do is choose healthy restaurants to eat at instead of getting high-carb fast food or eating pizzas with thick, carb-filled crusts.  Instead, you should visit a restaurant that specializes in healthy foods like Lazy Daisy.  Our menu is full of healthy choices like freshly squeezed juice, grilled chicken and vegetarian sandwiches, and omelets packed with healthy fillings.  So if you want nutritious meals in healthy, moderate portions, be sure to find one of our locations and find out just how tasty a healthy diet can be.

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