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Lazy Daisy

Our Story

Lazy Daisy’s story begins all the way back in 2007, when Daisy Moon began Lazy Daisy after moving to Beverly Hills, CA from New Jersey. Adam Moon joined in on the family business after his graduation from Rutger’s University, starting first as a prep cook and delivery boy serving up Lazy Daisy’s famous fresh fares. Throughout the years, Adam has worked in various aspects of Lazy Daisy to learn all of the ins and outs of the business, finally fully taking over Lazy Daisy in 2017.

Building Lazy Daisy was a labor of love from the ground up, and we feel passion and drive for every single facet of what Lazy Daisy is all about. The experiences we provide to the Beverly Hills, CA region are deliberate and crafted with care, as we strive to provide only the very best possible to every patron that walks through our doors or orders our delicious fares to enjoy at home, at the office, or with family and friends.

Lazy Daisy's Mission Lazy Daisy, Beverly Hills,  CA

Lazy Daisy's Mission

Whether in front of the scenes, or behind them, Lazy Daisy is dedicated to providing a full culinary experience to every patron of the Beverly Hills, CA region. Behind the scenes, Lazy Daisy provides Beverly Hills, CA with environmentally friendly and fully sustainable foods crafted using natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. We at Lazy Daisy believe that food should come from nature, and that nature holds within it the most robust and authentic of all flavor profiles. Lazy Daisy dishes give you that relaxed lazy experience that you never need to feel guilty about having. Relax and sit back while you do your body well.

Offering fair pay and employment to every member of our Lazy Daisy staff ensures that our employees are just as passionate and just as enthusiastic as we are about our Lazy Daisy mission. Part of our ethical and sustainable practices is those, which extend to each and every person working for the Lazy Daisy name. In an effort to build a happier and healthier Beverly Hills, CA community, sustainability and local sourcing are things we prioritize from top to bottom.

Lazy Daisy's Values


An honest experience is an authentic experience, and Lazy Daisy works hard to provide full experiences worth having to each of our Beverly Hills, CA patrons. We want our customers to be able to come in and let their hair down, enjoying genuine food and genuine relaxation. Without honesty, this would be impossible, and Lazy Daisy wouldn’t be doing all they could to ensure we exceed every expectation.


At Lazy Daisy we think it’s important that every Beverly Hills, CA customer that walks through our doors or gives us a call gets a full and accurate experience they can trust. With full transparency, you’ll know just what goes into every meal you enjoy and every experience you have when you spend your time with us. Whether you’re dining in, ordering out, or inquiring about catering packages, you’ll be fully informed every step of the way. We want to be the ones you can count on when you want real nutrition and the authentic experience to go along with it.


Grabbing food out, having dinner delivered, or catering your event shouldn’t be a stressful thing. After all, you’ve chosen to leave the food up to someone else to get away from the added work and responsibility that comes along with making your own healthy dish. By priding ourselves on efficiency, we’re able to serve the needs of every Beverly Hills, CA customer that turns to Lazy Daisy for their delicious and nutritious needs. Using our fresh natural and organic ingredients, our local sustainable sourcing, and our fair employment, we’re able to maximize our efficiency while still providing an outstanding culinary experience each and every time.