Advantages Of Organic Food

Organic Food For The Very Best In Nutrition

While many people are familiar with the term organic, and they may be aware that eating organic is good for nutrition, they may not be exactly sure of the why. Simply put, our bodies are organic, and they’re made to best break down and absorb other organic matter. Organic foods leave all of the synthetic stuff out, and they give us plain and simple nutrition the way it was meant to be. Bodies aren’t subjected to harmful chemicals and pesticides, and we get to experience the full rich flavor profile that foods were meant to have.

The Advantages Of Eating Organic

There are many benefits to eating organic, and most know this. What they don’t know, however, are these specific benefits, and how these specific benefits impact their day to day lives. The advantages of eating organic are:

• Organic foods are nutritious – In recent years, studies have been conducted regarding the nutritional value of organic foods compared to the nutritional value of non-organic foods. What these studies have found is that organic foods have greater amounts of nutrients when compared to their non-organic counterparts, and therefore your body reaps the reward. On average, organic foods have been found to have 20% more iron, 30% more magnesium, 27% more vitamin C, and 14% more phosphorus.

• Leaving the chemicals out – The United States government has approved more than 600 different chemicals to be used on produce by farmers. The amount of these chemicals used equals out to be about 16 pounds for every human being in the United States each year. For 90% of these chemicals used, we don’t know what long-term health effects they may have on the human body, which puts us in a very compromising position. With organic foods, you leave the chemicals out and you know what your body is absorbing and digesting.

• Eco-friendly – The chemicals used in modern American farming don’t just leave a big question mark on our health, but also the health of the environment around us. These pesticides and chemicals don’t stop at crops, and they’ll wash into the soil, into waterways, and into the air surrounding farmlands. Going organic with your food choices helps you to do your part in protecting the environment.

• Animals products leave out hormones and antibiotics – The hormones and antibiotics given to livestock have a questionable impact on human health. For animal products to be labeled organic, it cannot contain these potentially harmful components.

Feel Better And Live Better

When we feel better we tend to live better, and when we live better we get more out of our lives. By eating organic, you’re able to give your body more of the nutrients it needs while leaving out all of the potentially harmful stuff it would rather not have. Organic food is the food our bodies were meant to ingest and digest, giving us a simple path to a better quality of life. If you’re in the mood for great organic food today, see what we’re serving up at Lazy Daisy

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