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Benefits of Eating Organic

During recent years, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding organic foods without most of us actually knowing the true benefits of eating organically. While there isn’t a consistent global definition of the term ‘organic’, it generally means that foods are made without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs. Organic meat and eggs come from livestock that is not given any hormones, antibiotics, or other animal byproducts. Here are the key benefits of eating organic.

Organic foods do not contain harmful chemicals

The synthetic fertilizers and pesticides used in traditional farming could be potentially harmful to our health – there’s some emerging evidence to indicate that exposure to these chemicals could cause chronic health problems later on. Organic produce doesn’t use these synthetic chemicals. Instead, they use natural pesticides that are much safer.

Organic farming is better for the environment

Switching to organic foods has a positive impact on the planet in many ways. Since organic farming practices only use natural fertilizers, they do not pollute the soil and water nearby, and they do not harm the plants and animals that live in their ecosystem. Organic farming practices also conserve water and use less energy.

Organic food is often fresher

Because organic foods don’t contain preservatives, they often have a much fresher taste and feel. Once you start eating organic, you’ll notice the fresher flavors in dishes that are made with organic produce. However, this does mean that organic foods don’t last quite as long as their non-organic counterparts.

Many organic products are locally grown

While not all organic products are locally grown, most are sourced from nearby farms, especially if you are shopping at a farmer’s market. By purchasing locally grown organic foods, you’re supporting your local economy and giving your money to hardworking small business owners.

Eating organic and healthy can help you feel more energetic and stay in shape. It’s also better for the planet. If you’re looking for healthy options in Beverly Hills, come visit Lazy Daisy for your next meal. We’re conveniently located on Robertson Boulevard, and offer healthy sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and more – we even have vegan options! When you eat with us, you can always count on fresh, organic options that are made in house.

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