GM or Organic! Differences! Which is better?

The Fight Between Genetically Modified & Organic Food

Business is, at its heart, about making money, and that’s where some of the conflicts can come between doing what the good or right thing is, and doing what will generate profit. This extends into every aspect of American life, whether it’s the safety of the vehicles we drive or even the quality of the food that we eat. Do you have access to Organic Food Choices?

In the area of unprocessed foods, such as vegetables and meats, one battle that’s been raging is the struggle between the new genetically modified—or GM—foods, and a return to more labor-intensive, naturally harvested organic food. This battle is playing out kitchens of families as well as in the restaurants that people choose to dine at. So what’s going on here? Is GM food the smartphone to organic food’s flip phone that will supplant the other? Or does organic food still have a chance?

Better For The Environment

When you choose to eat organic foods at a restaurant, you’re choosing to reward more hard work on the part of the farmers, but also more care for the environment. Studies indicate that organic crops, thanks to the time and methods used, actually store more carbon and prevent it from releasing into the atmosphere than the GM methods of crop raising and harvesting.

Moreover, organic food is sustainable. Because the methods are so well established, it is simpler to farm, and with a few changes to methodology in terms of care of crops or animals, it can be much less wasteful. GM crops are “higher maintenance” in this regard.

Healthier Food

Another area where organic food makes a big difference versus GM food is that you get a safer, higher quality of eating experience when you choose foods carefully selected and prepared at an organic restaurant. The organic nature of the food means that little to no pesticides were used during the growing of crops. Organic food allowed to grow naturally also has higher concentrations of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and even some antioxidants.

GM food, on the other hand, has been created explicitly to have a heavy resistance to pesticides, and thus, heavy rotations of pesticides are used on these plants. That eventually makes its way to the order you put in your mouth.

It’s The Right Thing To Do

Of course, beyond the health and science questions, there are also ethical ones. Eating at a restaurant the provides you with organic food means rewarding hard work and often working with smaller, independent farmers and businesses.

Choosing GM foods means advocating only the largest multi-national corporations that are more interested in the bottom line than either fair treatment of workers, or preserving our environment for future generations to have the same opportunities that we grew up with.

If you want to enjoy a higher quality of food that’s good for both you and the environment, then dine with us. Lazy Daisy chooses only natural, organic products so that you know exactly what you’re putting into your mouth, and you don’t have to worry about the high ethical cost of doing so. Organic Food Choices are always available here at Lazy Daisy Beverly Hills.

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