Road Trip! Let’s Eat!

Five Tips To Help with Healthy Eating While On The Road

It does not matter if you are a jet setter, business traveler, or finally going on that family vacation, healthy eating is still important. The last thing you need while traveling is to lose energy, feel bloated, or just blah all over. So, how can you eat healthy while on the road?

We have some suggestions for you:

  1. Pack Healthy Snacks:

Pack way more healthy snacks than you will need. Stock up on non-perishable snacks, dried nuts, protein bars, etc. Flying? Instead of buying the airline food, pack small food items like oatmeal or soup packets and ask the flight attendant for hot water. Do not skip breakfast. Either take something with you or buy something healthy to start your day.

  1. Stay In AirBnBs:

Whenever you can stay in AirBnBs, you can head to the local supermarket and get healthy foods. Air BnBs are also less expensive and you can avoid high priced room service. Staying in an AirBnB allows you to have access to healthy foods 24/7 which is also a money saver.

  1. Cook For Yourself:

Most restaurants will cook their eggs on the same griddle as the meat or pancakes are cooked on. Most yogurt and cereal in restaurants have high sugar contents. It is easy when you have access to a kitchen to make a nice grilled salmon or some yogurt with granola. A nice, fresh salad in your jammies at the end of a day of sightseeing with a nice glass of wine, relaxing, and healthy.

  1. Incorporate Vegetables Every Day Into Your Diet:

Commit to eating your veggies with every meal, and no, the pickle, tomato, and lettuce on that sesame bun does not count! Half of what you eat should be vegetables and most restaurants serve minimal amounts. Order and extra salad. Pick up a small pack of prewashed, pre cut veggies to nibble on. If you cannot find an organic or farm to table restaurant, choose one with a salad buffet so you can get your veggies.

  1. Find Organic Or Farm To Table Restaurants:

These restaurants would be your ideal choice. A farm-to-table restaurant ensures your meals are fresh. Organic restaurants make sure their food is organic and grass fed. They also serve seasonal dishes so you can eat as clean as possible. It is a good idea to scope out restaurants and grocery stores on your travel plan before you leave so you have a good idea where to go.

The last thing you want to be doing while traveling is to have to overthink your meal choices. Organic meals are the best way to ensure good health while traveling. It should be the standard every day, not just holidays. When you find yourself in Los Angeles, come visit us at the Lazy Daisy. Serving healthy, organic breakfast, lunch and dinners, we have plenty of healthy, organic options to help you not only enjoy your travel meals but do so in a healthy way.


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