Eating Healthy is not always easy!

Eating Healthy Is Simpler Than You Think


1 in 3 people, on average, tell themselves each year that this will be the year they get healthy. With the New Year holidays winding up, it’s high time for folks to begin thinking about this very resolution and how they’ll approach making good on it this year. Unfortunately 80% of these individuals will drop this resolution by February, declaring to themselves that it’s simply too hard to live healthier and they’ll do better next year. It’s true that we live in busier times than ever, but many don’t realize just how simple eating and living healthier truly is.


The issue is that many people take to fad or crash diets that are simply not sustainable for the long-term. They might start off inspired and ready to dedicate themselves, but they quickly find that they feel lousy even as the numbers on the scale go down. This is largely because they’re actually starving their bodies of what they need, and by doing so they’re setting themselves up for long-term failure.


Simple Ways To Eat Healthier Everyday


The biggest impacts you can make on adopting a healthier lifestyle actually stem from simple actions. It’s not completely changing your entire diet, it’s making smaller changes that really improve your overall health. A few simple ways you can eat healthier everyday without inconveniencing yourself or making drastic changes are:


  • Slow it down – If you enjoy your food, why are you scarfing it down as quickly as possible? Stop, savor, and enjoy each bite, and you’ll actually be doing your body good as well. When you eat slowly, you allow your body to tell you when you’re full, so you’re less likely to overeat. An added perk? Taking time to eat also lets you stop and savor the delicious flavors!


  • Choose whole grain – All too often, those who are trying to eat healthier simply try to drop all carbs from their diet. It’s not that you can’t have breads, it’s just about choosing the right bread that provides actual nutrition to your body. Refined or processed grains don’t do much by way of nutrition, but whole grain breads do. By choosing whole grain, you still get to enjoy sandwiches while giving your body what it needs.


  • Keep hydrated – Drinking more water and keeping yourself hydrated helps every single process of your body. From weight maintenance to simply feeling better, hydration will keep you going in your healthy living goals.


  • Keep it natural – When you eat wholesome and natural foods, you do better for your body, your food tastes better, and you feel better even when the going gets tough in today’s busy world. When you choose natural options over processed or “junk food” options, you’re giving yourself a sustainable way to stay healthy.


Healthy And Convenient


Keeping your resolution to get healthy doesn’t have to be tough, inconvenient, or unsustainable. Even when you’re running short on time, there’s always healthier options out there to be had. If you’re looking for the perfect healthy lunch to break up your busy day, check us out at Lazy Daisy today.

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