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Big Event? We Cater!

Lazy Daisy catering takes care of all your sustenance needs - eat, drink, and be lazy all day! For Beverly Hills, CA area residents looking for a simple way to feed a group with food that has both chef - inspired flavors and natural nutritional value, Lazy Daisy catering has you taken care of.

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Business Catering

Business catering with Lazy Daisy provides healthy and flavorful options for corporate luncheons, entertainment business catered meals, talent agencies, doctor’s offices, pharmaceutical professionals, and so much more. For businesses with a health-conscious flair, our Lazy Daisy fares always keep health in mind with an enthusiastic and positive attitude about our natural and organic ingredients. By using natural and organic ingredients, your catered dishes celebrate the natural beauty of every single dish served.

Beverly Hills, CA business catering packages are something that can cover every day meetings or special occasions only. For those in the entertainment industry, Lazy Daisy showcases incredible natural flavors to create dishes that have all of the satisfaction with absolutely none of the guilt. By using sustainably sourced ingredients, Beverly Hills, CA catering with Lazy Daisy is an experience you can feel good about all around.

Many of today’s businesses prioritize sustainability in their own practices, seeing the growing importance of sustainability to their customers and the American public in general. Lazy Daisy uses ethically sourced ingredients, provides fair employment to all staff, and focuses on natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients; a mission that aligns with the values of many businesses and Beverly Hills, CA residents today.

Special Occasions

Lazy Daisy catering doesn’t just serve businesses looking for healthy, nutritious, and delicious foods in the Beverly Hills, CA area. With our Lazy Daisy special occasion catering, your party goes off without a hitch. We bring along all of your healthy favorites to your birthday celebration, family reunion, holiday dinner, or any day you’d like to celebrate. We provide you with an option that feeds everyone the happy and lazy way.

Beverly Hills, CA residents looking to throw a great party don’t need to worry about fussing over the details of food. Simply call Lazy Daisy with your idea on the types of food you’d like to serve, and let our professionals take care of the rest with a chef-inspired, natural, and organic menu catered to the flavors you’d like to showcase. With less time spent on planning and preparing a big meal, Beverly Hills, CA party-throwers experience less stress and have more time to celebrate.

From children’s parties to adult events, our natural ingredients are packed full of incredible flavors every guest is sure to love. By opting to use ethically sourced ingredients, local sourcing when possible, and fair employment for all of our employees, your catering can align with your own values while providing just the memorable sustenance you’re really looking for.


Ordering your Beverly Hills, CA catering with Lazy Daisy is always kept simple. With an eat, drink, and be lazy motto, this is what we follow when it comes to our process. Simply call Lazy Daisy or send us a message with your idea on what would make your catering experience perfect, and Lazy Daisy will work with you to bring it to reality.

All of our packages use the same natural, organic, and nutritious ingredients you’ve come to know and love in any Lazy Daisy dish. For businesses and individuals with a passion for sustainability, our catering always follows the most sustainable practices in all of our ingredient sourcing.

Lazy Daisy prides itself on the utmost efficiency, and this means your order will be correct, on time, and delicious. A transparent experience, you’ll be provided with honesty and authenticity from the initial phone call to delivery day.